I decided to do post where I tell you something about myself.
1. I'm 16 years old.
2. I like black clothes.
3. Nothing is enough for me.
4. Sometimes (often) I look mad if I'm alone. It's because I'm unsure of myself.
5. I would like to have white hair.
6. I would like to get tattoo(s) someday, but I think I will never take any..
7. I am really lazy student.
8. I have no idea what do I want to do in my future.
9. I love to wear red lipstick.
10. I'd like to meet a lot of new and cool people.
11. Nowadays my favorite musicians are Bondage Fairies, Adele, Regina, Mew and Crystal Castles
12. Right now I love these blogs: shoo†in acid, I Love Chaos, DECADENT ESSENCE OF INNOCENCE, intergalatic radio station and Ajelulla puutaloja

I was tired and lazy while writing these, so there might be some horrible mistakes!


  1. come to helsinki and meet some supercool and stuff people like me ^^ vitsivitsinä ei mut vaikutat kyllä tosi mmukavalta persoonalta johon tutustuis mielellään t. anonyymi fraco

  2. Yllätyin kyllä ihan kuus-nolla tästä, kiitti hurjasti!

    Valkonen tukka olis kyllä ihan unelma, sama haave mullakin!

  3. Oh my god, I'm feeling soooo happy that you like my blog! because I completely adore yours it's just perfect <3
    I'd want to get atleast one tattoo at some point of my life, I'd prefer more but I'm such a chicken when it comes to needles it seems really unlikely that I'd be inked any time soon :/
    + I love that picture of you <3

  4. I've been following your blog for some time and I love it, so reading something more about you was very interesting!
    I feel the same about tattoos, I'd love to get a tattoo one day but I doubt about it since I'm very afraid of needles.