Some old oufit photos once again!

I'm not very excited of this Christmas time.. I think it's kind of annoying. Right now I should be cleaning my room, but I don't want to, please can someone save me from this?!
My dear followers, what do you think of Christmas time?


  1. Honest to goodness. I'm not excited either. I hate how everyone gets so excited in November & December, then after Christmas & New Years pass everyone's down in the dumps. I guess it's just somewhat depressing afterward.


  2. I guess it's nice, at least I can rest for a while and eat all those yummy foods and I don't really mind getting presents.

    You always look so fabulous.

  3. I excited just because I have two weeks off of work! :)

    I love your coat :) also where are your shoes from in the first picture?

  4. Lovely picture and outfit dear, and i like christmas time, its alright not the worst. I hate birthday times though.. Hah but maybe am the only one... XOXO