I decided to do post where I tell you just some random things.

Things I like on clothing right now:

Velvet. I've been searching for nice velvet dress for ages! Almost every velvet dress I have seen have been skin-tight and look horrible on me..
Polka dots. I guess some of you have noticed that.. I love to wear polka dotted clothes.
Dr. Martens. Best shoes ever!
My new Tardy-boots. I can't take them off.. They are so cool!
Leather biker jacket. I really would like to have biker jacket made by real leather. I've been thinking to buy this (click) when I have money enough.
Circle glasses. I can't wait to get these circle glasses (click) from Proopticals!

Music I have listened last weeks: 
Scandinavian Music Group, Crystal Castles, Sia, Die Antwoord, Bondage Fairies, The Crash.

Things I'd like to do now:
- Be with my boyfriend. Nowdays I'm with Martti every weekend and now I'm spending my friday home for a long time.. I'm a little bit bored.
- Watch horror movies. I love horror movies. It doesen't matter how poor is it, I still like to watch them! Couple weeks ago me and Martti watched every Chucky-movie... :D
- Take outfit photos outdoors. I hate that weather. It's just horrible, really windy and wet and "snowy". I wish tomorrow morning would be beautiful and I would take some photos with my new shoes!

What did you think of these kind of post?


  1. "mikä se oli?"

  2. HAHAHAH se oli niin parhaimmistoo koskaan!!

  3. I love this post, you have great looks so it is nice to read about what you like!!

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  4. love all you outfits!
    I like this post :)

  5. April, thank you so much:>

    JOANNA, aww thank you!!

  6. This kind of post help your readers to understand you.

  7. Love this kind of posts, I'd love to learn more about you! Hope the weather gets better, it's terrible here too!

  8. Nice to know ;-) And btw, I love love love your new JC shoes. They're great!

  9. i like the mini autobiography, and agree with your taste completely. you look beautiful.


  10. Hei muuten:D! Oon aina miettinyt että kuka sun kuvaaja oikeen on? Ihania kuvia sulla jokatapauksessa aina on<3!

  11. Thank you for everyone!! Oh yeah, I'm happy that you liked this, because I hoped that you would like to know something about me:--)

    Iris, kiitos!<3 kuvaan kaikki kuvat itse kaukolaukaisimella, hihiih!!