Loving you forever can't be wrong

Today I bought some new things.
Three rings  from Lindex. I don't even know why did I buy those.. I hate gold color in jewellery. But somehow I just wanted to buy rings with turquoise center.

I also bought a shirt for my boyfriend. I think is really nice to buy clothes for Martti, I just think that he doesen't like clothes I've bought to him.. He doesen't use them so much, boohoo

I think I didn't have any dark/brown lipstick so now I bought one. Lumene Wild Rose - I'll never forget

+ Last week Martti tried to dye my hair, but my hair is still not so light. So now I bought a new hair color: Schwarzkopft L101 Silver Blonde. Can't wait to get it into my head...


  1. That teardrop ring on your index finger is so pretty.


  2. looooove the rings!
    xx juul