Star blouse & velvet blazer from ROMWE

Ahahah, my face, I couldn't see anything! It was too bright outside, even without any sun!

Today I got a wonderful packet from Romwe! I really like that star blouse! It's so cute and it's nice to have clothes in some another pattern than good old polka dots, even though I love them.

And that blazer, oh my, it's perfect! And velvet.. Once again!! I'm just so in love with that material! I have so many things in velvet: two pair of leggins, three shirts, one dress and now that blazer! And I have to confess, a while ago I ordered wine red velvet skirt from American Apparel. I wish I will never get tired of velvet!


  1. You look absolutely stunning! I adore velvet, so your blazer is perfect! Your boots are lovely too xxx

  2. lovely print. mix of stars and velvet is wonderful xx


  3. Ohmygod that top is perfect! Teamed with the blazer the outfit is just out of this world.


  4. ihana asu. tuo bleiseri on tosi hyvännäkönen :-)

  5. Love the velvet blouse, you look beautiful!


  6. This outfit kicks ass....so awesome!!!

  7. Such a gorgeous velvet!! by the way I know exactly the American Apparel skirt that you're talking about, and I was thinking of getting one too, in black!

  8. Mustat nahkashortsit ja asu ois täydellinen!

  9. I love that velvet blazer! Gorgeous! :)

  10. kiva asu <:


  11. I love your style!! I am so gonna buy some velvet clothing

  12. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower.

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  13. hei kui kaua teikäl kesti et romwen paketti tuli? siitä hetkestä ku tilasit ne :-D ku meitsil on kestäny täs iha luvattoman kaua on se paketti kummiski ny matkal mut en sit tiiä mikä siin mätti et kesti nii kaua ennesku se lähti ees matkaa

  14. Sarah, thank you!!

    Marie Antoinette, me too!

    jonna, kiitti!! :)

    Emilie de Vogue, thank you!

    Zombie, thanks!!

    Vicky, oh thanks!

    Shaz, wow thanks!

    Maria, kiitti<:

    Confashionista, thanks you<:

    reetta, <: hih

    Annarack, oh thanks!

    Julia, ooh wow! i can't wait to get mine! :D

    Aurora, love you<3

    Rocket, valitettavasti en omista sellaisia lainkaan!

    Sooriya, :)) velvet<3

    Miss Iffa, aww wow thank you so much! You're so sweet!

    Anonyymi, välillä sieltä paketin tulo kestää tosi kauan! kerran kun mulle oli tulossa paketti, oli kiinassa se joku aika ettei posti liikkunut lainkaan! mut yleensä menee joku 10 pv! :) ja tosiaan, niillä kestää siellä aika kauan aina niissä käsittelyissä.. eiköhän ne sieltä tule jossain vaiheessa, toivotaan;)