Amazing blogs II

Jorindes blog Fatal Farouche is full of lovely photos and Jorinde is just so funny and nice person. I talk a lot with her in Facebook. More often than with anyone else.

Dominique's style is amazing. I really love her outfits.
Tori West 

I love Tori's smile.. She is adorable!
Violet E.

I think everybody knows her already but I have to post her blog here too. She has been my biggest inspiration for a long time. She is so interesting person, because I don't know like anything about her. Cool in every possible way.


  1. I was wondering why I got so many followers on my blog today! hah! Thank you so much honey! You're such a sweetie! x

  2. kivoja tämmöset, aloin seuraa kaikkia:))

  3. Ah perfect. I'm looking for new blogs to follow today. Your bog is a true inspiration :)

  4. I love Violet E. too!