Motel Rocks

A while ago I got email from Motel Rocks (click) and they were interested of cooperating with me. I really liked cute pastel colored clothes I saw in their website. I'm also completely happy with shipping & everything. I got my packet very quickly!
Just look at the colors of these pieces!
It's so weird that I've been so in love with pastel colors lately, usually I only like to wear black clothes. I can't wait to show you more photos of these!


  1. ok that sounded very racist. pastel can be nice too

  2. Se on tää kesän alku, ainoa aika vuodesta kun tekee mieli vaihtaa musta pinkkiin ja yksivärisyys kukkakuoseihin! Näyttää kivalta tuo nettikauppa, pitää heti mennä tutkiskelemaan tarkemmin :)

  3. Great clothes! Cnt wait to see you wear those in OOTDs! :)


  4. Ahhh you're so lucky! I LOVE Motel Rocks, I have a red playsuit from them that is by far one of the favorite items in my closet! yay! those pink stripe pants (or what look like pink stripe pants) seem awesome.