I wanted to make another makeup post!
Couple days ago I found this Chanel makeup palette that I got from my mother. There's couple eyeshadows and lip colors in this palette.
I wanted to put a lot of more eyeshadow than usually. Nowdays I don't wear eyeshadow as I did like two years ago.
 At first I was thinking to put only some eye makeup but I couldn't resist my turquoise lipstick from Viva la Diva.
That lovely name neckless had been in my real home but yesterday I got it back so now I'm using it again. I got it from Nimesi.fi and I love it!


  1. OMG you're so beautiful and hot ! Please, take another tutorial how do you make your soft curly hair? It's looks so fantastic. Did you use a straightener for this ? Or something?

    I'm so amazing about your look and style! Kiss :*