SKETCH OF ME + some instagram photos

I have to share this amazing sketch that I got from my reader, Alix. This is so cool and I'm just so happy and surprised that she really drew me! It feels so special.
Photo of me today.
Lovely chinese food and sushi couple weeks ago. I'm getting hungry when I'm watching this photo..
A while ago my nails were pretty.
I won Violet Ell's giveaway in her blog so I got this cross bracelet from Sheinside.com.
I bought this freaking amazing ring from Glitter. I wish I could still have it - I left it to the changing room..
Beautiful notebook from Tiger.
School life. My friend Elisa made this cute drawing of me, haha!
Me and our dear cat.

I almost never wear makeup in my Instagram photos.. I'm so lazy nowdays. Oh, I remember the time when I never left to school without lipstick. Now I wear it barely never.


  1. You're so beautiful without make up! <3

  2. You're so beautiful without make up! <3

  3. You are so adorable.

  4. Ihania kuvia, varsinkin viimeinen :--)!

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    I hope your visit! I´m interested in your opinion!!! thanks, and Good look with this interesting project!!! and congratulations!!!

  6. tsekkailin just tota sormusta glitterissä :) niin upee ja ihana piirros! Oot myös mun "favourite bloggers" piirustus listalla josko joskus sais aikaiseksi : D