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A while ago I contacted amazing brand called Long Clothing, that I found via Paula's blog Intergalactic Radio Station, and asked if they would be interested of some kind of cooperation with my blog. I'm so happy, because they let me choose one product from their site! I fell in love with this sweater and it's really even better in real life. The lenght of this sweater is perfect for winter.

Jonkin aikaa sitten otin yhteyttä merkkiin nimeltä Long Clothing, jonka bongasin Paulan blogista Intergalactic Radio Station, ja kysyin olisivatko he kenties kiinnostuneita jonkinlaisesta yhteistyöstä blogini kanssa. Onnekseni he antoivat minun valita yhden tuotteen sivultaan. Rakastuin tähän kuvissani esiintyvään svetariin, joka on luonnossa vieläkin paremman näköinen! Pituuskin on juuri täydellinen talveksi!


  1. that sweater is gorgeous! i'm going to have to look them up.

  2. I just love what you are wearing there. You always dress so cool x

    I have been following your blog for a long time now and I am sorry to say this but I really dislike that big advertisement box above your blog. It really spoils the look. If anything have a small advertising box on the side of of your blog and then it is not so much in peoples faces. It was like the first thing I saw and I had to scroll down in order to even see your blog header.

  3. hohoo sait sieltä vastauksen jee!! toi on kyl makein ikinä ja varmasti lämminkin! oot upeus <3

  4. how did u do this headflowers? looks awesome :)

  5. Toi näyttää ihanalta ja varmaan aika lämmin :--)

  6. Love the sweater! (: And the outfit looks so comfy!

  7. Wow I like so much your blog, and your pictures!! Now you have a new follower

  8. I can't believe how much I like it

  9. isabel, thank you! i love it too!!

    Annarack, thank you so much! I know, the huge banner annoys me sometimes as well, but I'm in this new thing Indiedays Inspiration, which is the great way in Finland to follow blogs and my blog is part of this. So I'm having these advertisement boxes above my blog and I decided myself to take them in my blog.
    I hope it does not bother you too much, I really respect your words and opinion! Thank you!

    Paula, tuitui! joo!!<3 ja kiitos!

    Vansity, thanks! I bought just typical black headband and some fake flowers from Ikea and then I put some hot glue on the headband and the flower in the glue. So simple!

    Julia, kyllä, joo on lämmin, oon käyttänyt tota joka päivä siitä lähtien kun sain ton.. : D

    Adelajda, thank you!!

    ELLA, ite oooot!!!

    Ashlyn, thank you! c:

    Paloma, aww thank you so much!

    Milex, c: thanks!