Today I finally got these Dr. Martens Aggy Strap boots. I really love the way they look but I'm not really sure about the quality yet.. When I put these in my feet for the first time, the zipper broke from the other shoe  so I was pretty mad. It was stuck in my foot and it took a long time to get it off. Now it works when I'm really careful but zippers in the boots aren't supposed to break in the first time seriously..

Tänään vihdoinkin sain käsiini nämä Dr. Martensin Aggy Stap bootsit, jotka tilasin heti joulun jälkeen itselleni joululahjaksi. Rakastan tosiaankin niiden ulkonäköä, mutten ole lainkaan varma vielä niiden laadusta. Kun laitoin ne ensimmäistä kertaa jalkaani, toisesta kengästä hajosi vetskari varovaisuudesta huolimatta, joten olin saatanan vihainen. Kenkä jäi siis jumiin jalkaani ja meni kauan vetskarin auki saamiseen. Nyt vetskari toimii kun olen todella varovainen, mutta mielestäni kenkien vetoketjujen ei ole hyvä rikkoutua jo testausvaiheessa. 

Aggy strap boots Dr. Martens, jeans H&M, velvet shirt 2nd hand, hat Fredrikson


  1. Maybe it was only an accident. But I would try to return it and then get another pair.
    But you're right, they look amazing.



  2. Wow, that's upsetting. I've been wanting the Aggy Straps for awhile, but in various sites there have been more than one complains about the zipper breaking. My friend received the black ones for Christmas and the left zipper broke. I really want these bad boys, but $170 for defective boots is definitely a turn off.

  3. ihan älyttömän hienot kengät !

  4. noi on niin mageeet!
    äääh niin ärsyttävää ja noita on vähän hankala kiikuttaa takas kauppaan ja vaatia uusia :D

  5. They are such beautiful boots but why didnt they give alittle extra space for the buckle o.o! I hope you get the fixed my love! You look amazing as allways xxx

  6. where did you get them?

  7. I got my aggy straps yesterday after paying 50 bucks postage to get them off solestruck.com, put my feet in and the zip literally busted off. I'm so pissed! It's going to cost me $100 bucks to get the zips replaced to something more sturdy at a leather place :( :(