Merry Christmas everyone! 
My Christmas Eve have been maybe the best ever. I've been so relaxed, been eating so much delicious food, had a great time with my favorite people and got so many lovely presents. 
 Lady Gaga's Fame perfume, body lotion and shower gel. I've been loving the scent of the perfume since I got a smell it for the first time and now I got it from my parents who didn't even know I wanted it!
 I got these Aussie's shampoo and conditioner from my boyfriend. I'm so happy about these because Aussie's shampoos are the best ones I've ever tried and these smell so lovely. From my boyfriend I also got some face cleaning stuff and a gift card. ☺
 Hair powder and shower gels etc. from my sister. Having a sister is awesome!
 Underwear and fake eyelashes from my parents. Those underpants on top are the cutest thing I've ever seen ♥
My boyfriend gave me this old film camera that his Father used to have. I'm really excited about this and I really want to learn photographing with this. 


  1. Merry Christmas! Great post, love the eyelashes. (:


  2. Kuinka pitkä oot?