A while ago I got contacted by Dolls Kill, the online store that's probably the coolest I know. They were interested of sending me something from their store and I became so damn happy.  Today I got a packet I've been waiting so much!

Minkpink velvet playsuit and Unif Moodys Dolls Kill, Jadon boots Dr. Martens, cross choker Hellaholic

Dolls Kill sent me two pieces. Someone might know, I'm a big fan of velvet so I think that playsuit is just perfect. The brand of this adorable playsuit is Minkpink and there's also blue velvet version of it. You can find it from here.
I would love to have everything there is from brand called Unif. Another piece Dolls Kill sent me is a pair of Unif sunglasses. The name of these is The Moodys. When I have money I'm going to get also a pair called The Shadys in the same rainbow color. You can find The Moodys from here.