Fur bikini top Love Too True, sets and skirt Glitters For Dinner, shoes ebay, backpack and chokers Kiseki

I need all of these so bad.. 


  1. Ei hittoo oon salaa haaveillu tuommosesta keltasesta ruutu Clueless- jakku/hame yhdistelmästä :D Vaikka ei ihan sitä perinteistä "minua" oiskaan

  2. Hej thelma! I know your problem of "wanting too much" very well ;) the worse thing is that i never have enough money to buy all the stuff i like. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes these kind of problems are easy to solve. F.E. the adorable fur-bikini-top you mentioned---if you have a triangle bikini top that suits you well, some fur-fabric and colour matching straps it is so easy (and much more cheap) to sew your own! Most fur-fabrics don´t even need seems on the open sides, because they don´t fringe out. That means if you don´t own a sewing machine it doesn´t matter because hand-stitching will do as well! cut out a triangle like the one on the bikini you already own and add 1,5 cm on the bottom, sew a tunnel by pulling the 1,5 cm up, pull the long strap through. On the top of the triangle you sew on the shorter straps with some stitches...and...you have your very own fur-bikini-top! Hope i was a little help! P.S.: I love your blog a lot! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!!! Itze

  3. I love GFD Store, just wish I could afford!